The RAIDER (Rapid Deployment, Awareness, Intervention, Decisiveness, EMS, Recovery) program is exclusively available to police and select security personnel.

Addressing unique challenges

RAIDER exposes first-on-scene responders to the tactical skills necessary to operate in the unique active shooter setting – a hostile environment, populated by large numbers of civilians, with an active shooter attempting to achieve the highest body count possible in the shortest amount of time. This is not a normal event, nor is the response.

Solo engagement tactics

There will always be a first officer on the scene. If he or she waits for more officers – as is the protocol in many units – who are we portraying needs help more? The officer or the victims under attack? Solo engagement training is designed to provide officers with the necessary mental and physical skills to draw the attention of the active shooter away from the potential victims, confuse and frustrate the shooter, and successfully neutralize the situation. An active shooter almost always commits suicide when confronted with law enforcement. A solo officer should enter loudly and with as much commotion as possible.

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