The Michigan CPL class covers all of the required material and more.

This is a one day class that will include:

  • Responsibilities of handgun ownership.
  • Safe storage, use, and handling of a pistol including, but not limited to, storage use and handling to protect child safety.
  • Ammunition knowledge.
  • Fundamentals of pistol shooting.
  • Firearms and the law, including civil liability issues.
  • Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation.
  • Laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in the State of Michigan.
  • Criminal and civil responsibilities associated with carrying a concealed pistol.

At least 8 hours of classroom instruction including 3 hours of range time.

For more information, check out the NRA class Personal Protection Inside The Home. This is the course outline that is approved by the state to cover all of the required material to obtain your CPL. Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

*Pistols and ammunition are available if needed.